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Spring Thing Times

E-Mail the Secretary if you have schedule problems or find an error

Changes are inevitable - Please recheck your times on Saturday morning and consider these times a guideline, not a promise.

Schooling Opportunities

Entered riders: Extra stadium rounds may be ridden after your entered ride for $20. Pipeopener runs may be added after your entered ride for $35.

Unentered riders: May do PipeOpener runs for $35 each plus one $25 post entry fee. PipeOpener certificates may be used at no extra charge. PipeOpener runs must be run when the course is open at your height.

The XC course will be open for schooling 3:30 until 6:00 for $60 if entered by Saturday 8PM at the barn, $65 if entered and paid by PayPal and $70 cash or check if entered on Sunday. There will be multiple people on the course schooling individual jumps and lines and sharing politely.

Directions to Full Moon Farm

Weather - check here Saturday or Sunday morning to get the latest news. We do not have a rain date.

  • Absolutely NO SMOKING ANYWHERE on the grounds.

  • All dogs must be leashed at all times.

  • Bring your own horse water.

  • We will be using paper numbers that need holders.

  • The courses will be open to walk at 2:00 on 4/6/19 (no earlier please) and 4/7/19 all day.

  • Your dressage time is immutable - BE THERE!!!

  • Listen to the announcements, you may hear something that you need to know.

  • Your Cross Country time and Stadium times are the same because we expect you to go directly to Cross Country from Stadium.

  • If you are ready for Stadium or Cross Country early then report to the appropriate steward or starter. If s/he can fit you in ahead of your ride time s/he will.

  • Some of you may need to fudge your stadium and XC times due to coaching or horse change or tack change issues. If you need to fudge tell the starters what your plan is BEFORE your start time. Get there as close to your time as you can so that you don't hold up the scoring of your division.

Stadium & Cross Country Information

Stadium should be ridden in your cross country gear. You are to go directly from stadium to cross country - we will expect you there promptly.

Those of you with multiple horses, coaching and tack sharing issues may have to fudge your stadium/XC times. Make a plan to be at stadium as close to your scheduled time as possible. Inform the steward of your plan ahead of time. Ride your plan. Email any questions to entries@fullmoonfarm.com.

Course change times are approximate. Listen to the announcer. There will be a last call at each height then courses will be changed and reopened. Stadium course will be open to walk on Saturday, although the course will be set for Starter. There will be a course walk break at each height change of the course.

Additional stadium and XC trips may be ridden after your scored ride. You may choose to ride scored stadium, then repeat stadium, then go to XC. Extra stadium trips cost $20 and PipeOpener runs cost $35 and may be paid for after your ride.

Stadium Jumping
Starter 9:25 - 9:40
Intro 9:40 - 11:10
Beginner Novice 11:43 - 1:22
Novice 2:15 - 2:30
Training 2:45 - 3:00
Preliminary 3:20 - ?

XC and/or Stadium without dressage are expected to check in with the steward while the course is open at your height

Starter and Intro will ride the USDF 2019 tests A and C. Copies of the test are HERE

Full Moon Farm's 2019 Spring Thing

Full Moon Farm, Finksburg, MD

4/7/2019 to 4/7/2019

Ride Times (Subject to Change)

Revised: 04/06/2019 11:59 AM

Rider NameHorseDivisionDressageCross-CountryStadium
Anderson, TootieCeltic ThunderONSun 01:12 pmSun 02:24 pmSun 02:24 pm
Bachman, KristinSave the TigersONSun 01:36 pmSun 02:30 pmSun 02:30 pm
Barth, KamrynRedactBNHSun 09:54 amSun 11:47 amSun 11:47 am
Behari, MischaAzorean ConnectionDSG-ISun 09:00 am
Bomse, EmmaFearless (Sin Miedo)INTOCTSun 08:54 amSun 10:04 am
Burns, LizzieDispicable MeINTROR-BSun 09:18 amSun 10:54 amSun 10:54 am
Burns, VirginiaFMF Leo the LionheartedBNR-ASun 11:16 amSun 12:11 pmSun 12:11 pm
Cala, MaryannaFMF GeoffreySTRCTSun 08:30 amSun 09:27 am
Campion, CoreySamsonSJ
Campion, CoreySamsonXC
Campion, SarahRoninXC
Cavalluzzo-Clogg, KatieLeave a LegacyBNHSun 10:12 amSun 11:53 amSun 11:53 am
Cillo, MorganSierra AlphaINTROHSun 09:36 amSun 10:46 amSun 10:46 am
Cooper, SabinaDictate the TermsBNR-ASun 10:58 amSun 12:05 pmSun 12:05 pm
Covert, KristineJeb StuartBNR-BSun 12:34 pmSun 01:20 pmSun 01:20 pm
Crosby, JenniferMilesBNR-ASun 10:34 amSun 11:57 amSun 11:57 am
Dawson, JordanSummer BlueINTROR-BSun 09:48 amSun 11:04 amSun 11:04 am
Deiboldt, RileyNarcosBNR-BSun 12:04 pmSun 01:10 pmSun 01:10 pm
Dhruv, AylahCover StoryINTOCTSun 09:06 amSun 10:08 am
Dhruv, AylahCover StoryBNRCTSun 11:34 amSun 01:02 pm
Diaz, McKennaFlyin' The CoopINTROR-BSun 09:42 amSun 11:02 amSun 11:02 am
Distler, MalloryQuality AddictionONSun 01:30 pmSun 02:28 pmSun 02:28 pm
Diz, SuzanneMaverickSJ
Diz, SuzanneMaverickINTROR-ASun 08:06 amSun 09:42 amSun 09:42 am
Fenstermacher, DawnRusty CharlieINTROR-ASun 08:48 amSun 09:54 amSun 09:54 am
Fitzhugh, AliceSand DollarINTROR-ASun 08:42 amSun 09:52 amSun 09:52 am
Gilley, SamanthaFrankBNR-ASun 11:22 amSun 12:13 pmSun 12:13 pm
Gregg, EricaR Quick ArchBNHSun 10:18 amSun 11:55 amSun 11:55 am
Hansen, KathrynSocial Code TRSun 01:48 pmSun 02:51 pmSun 02:51 pm
Harter, RobynMister EarlINTROHSun 09:12 amSun 10:48 amSun 10:48 am
Hayes, EmmaDorito Cooler RanchINTROR-BSun 09:54 amSun 11:06 amSun 11:06 am
Held, JessicaCamilleINTROHSun 09:18 amSun 10:40 amSun 10:40 am
King, AmandaNovaBNR-ASun 10:52 amSun 12:03 pmSun 12:03 pm
Kurtz, WillowRH Rowdy BoyBNR-ASun 11:04 amSun 12:07 pmSun 12:07 pm
LaBarre, HollyCalypso's DestinyINTROR-ASun 08:18 amSun 09:44 amSun 09:44 am
Levesque, JennaFMF BillyINTROHSun 09:42 amSun 10:50 amSun 10:50 am
Lindsay, CarlaChuckINTROR-BSun 09:12 amSun 10:52 amSun 10:52 am
Lobel, CourtneyTrustINTROR-ASun 09:06 amSun 09:58 amSun 09:58 am
Loichinger, JaimeDunagan NealaBNR-BSun 12:16 pmSun 01:14 pmSun 01:14 pm
Long, JenniferPrim Not ProperSJ
Long, JenniferPrim Not ProperXC
Long, JenniferPrim Not ProperDSG-ISun 12:40 pm
Mallet, VeroniqueSouthern BayBNR-BSun 11:58 amSun 01:08 pmSun 01:08 pm
Mallon, DaneHeliosSJ
Mallon, DaneHeliosXC
Mallon, DaneHeliosDSG-NSun 12:46 pm
Martinez, MatthewCall Me ChuckSJ
Martinez, MatthewCall Me ChuckXC
McNally, MelissaLand of JewelsSJ
McNally, MelissaLand of JewelsSJ
Mohn, MadelineHail to the ThiefINTOCTSun 09:00 amSun 10:06 am
Moyer, AdriannaLittle DebbieINTROR-BSun 10:00 amSun 11:08 amSun 11:08 am
Moyer, JennyAzorean ConnectionINTROHSun 08:12 amSun 10:38 amSun 10:38 am
Myers, PaytonTekkenisticBNR-BSun 11:40 amSun 01:04 pmSun 01:04 pm
Naganna, RinaFMF RuckusSTRCTSun 08:24 amSun 09:29 am
Namrow, RachelVelvet N SatinBNR-BSun 12:10 pmSun 01:12 pmSun 01:12 pm
Newell, GregoryTwirlerINTROR-BSun 10:12 amSun 11:12 amSun 11:12 am
Nicholson, JacquelineWilloughby Wallaby WooBNR-BSun 11:52 amSun 01:06 pmSun 01:06 pm
Ong, Hannah Pirate CaptainOSTARTSun 08:18 amSun 09:33 amSun 09:33 am
Ong, Hannah CMA Pop TarrtTNSun 01:42 pmSun 02:49 pmSun 02:49 pm
Petterson, BethPrince IdesOSTARTSun 08:00 amSun 09:31 amSun 09:31 am
Plaut, KateHigh LevelINTROR-ASun 08:00 amSun 09:40 amSun 09:40 am
Quinn, Kelsey AnnFMF Sir WinsomeBNHSun 10:06 amSun 11:51 amSun 11:51 am
Quinn, Kelsey AnnDandy LonglegsPTCTSun 01:54 pmSun 03:10 pm
Rachlinski, KatherineFMF Pumpkin PatchINTROR-BSun 09:36 amSun 11:00 amSun 11:00 am
Reiman, LauraBodyshotsBNR-ASun 10:40 amSun 11:59 amSun 11:59 am
Ries, HaleyIsabellaINTROR-ASun 08:30 amSun 09:48 amSun 09:48 am
Ruths, Donald J. "Boo"K-2BNR-BSun 12:22 pmSun 01:16 pmSun 01:16 pm
Ruths Jr, Donald G.CopperBNR-BSun 12:28 pmSun 01:18 pmSun 01:18 pm
Salvitti, LaurenThe Roan RangerINTROR-ASun 08:54 amSun 09:56 amSun 09:56 am
Schwartz, SamanthaPretty in PinkINTROR-BSun 09:24 amSun 10:56 amSun 10:56 am
Schwartz, SamanthaPretty in PinkBNRCTSun 11:28 amSun 01:00 pm
Sendak, Courtney DGE Swipe RightINTROHSun 09:30 amSun 10:44 amSun 10:44 am
Shotwell, AliseFMF SOLINTROR-BSun 09:30 amSun 10:58 amSun 10:58 am
Smith, AmandaMister SiegfriedBNHSun 10:00 amSun 11:49 amSun 11:49 am
Somers, Conrad Get Away MoneyBNR-ASun 10:46 amSun 12:01 pmSun 12:01 pm
Somers, Conrad IllustrationONSun 01:18 pmSun 02:26 pmSun 02:26 pm
Sommer, BrittanyFavor House AtlanticINTROHSun 09:24 amSun 10:42 amSun 10:42 am
Temple, AmyStan's StarletBNR-ASun 11:10 amSun 12:09 pmSun 12:09 pm
Vilmer, AurelieFemme de JoieBNHSun 09:48 amSun 11:45 amSun 11:45 am
Vilmer, AurelieStretch FourTNSun 01:24 pmSun 02:47 pmSun 02:47 pm
Vilmer, AurelieChakra De La NeePTSun 02:00 pmSun 03:08 pmSun 03:08 pm
Weber, GabrielleBay Meadow's Platinum SandyINTOCTSun 08:48 amSun 10:02 am
Whipp, KellyBoiling PointINTROR-BSun 10:06 amSun 11:10 amSun 11:10 am
Whitehead, SarahReputationINTROR-ASun 08:36 amSun 09:50 amSun 09:50 am
Wolod, RowanDances in CahootsINTOCTSun 08:42 amSun 12:00 amSun 10:00 am
Wyper, HannahCall Me ChuckSJ
Zabarenko, LeahA Real CooleyINTROR-ASun 08:24 amSun 09:46 amSun 09:46 am