Purpose: To teach and reward good horsemanship as shown by attention to detail regarding grooming and tacking horses for lessons.

  1. All current Full Moon Farm Students are eligible to compete.
  2. Riders must have at least four lessons in the month of June
  3. Scores will be based on an average of all lessons completed in June
  4. Riders will be judged by their instructor at the beginning of each lesson.
  5. If a horse is used in a previous lesson, then the rider of that horse will team up with another rider and they will both be scored using the horse that they groomed.
  6. If a rider shows up late and the working student must groom and tack the horse, then the score will be zero for the parts done by the working student.  If the rider does an extra lesson that month, then the zero score may be replaced by the score earned in the extra lesson.
  7. Riders will be divided into three categories: 1. Riders who have competed on teams in either of the last two show team seasons.  2.  Riders who have not competed on teams in either of the last two show seasons. 3.  Adults over the age of 21.
  8. Scores will be tracked on a chart in the grooming barn.  The chart will be updated weekly.
  9. Average score will be denoted by starts on the chart in the grooming barn

    Blue star – 35 perfect score
    Gold star – 30-34 excellent
    Silver star – 25-29 good
    Red star – 20-24 satisfactory
    Red star – 15-19 fair
    Green star – 0-14 needs improvement
  1. Riders will be scored in each of the following categories:
    1. Body cleanliness – Removal of dust, dirt, and hair.  Stains on grey ponies not to count.
    2. Legs – Removal of dirt, dust and hair from legs.  This area includes the whole leg from elbows and stifles to coronet bands.
    3. Mane and tail. Manes should be combed.  Shavings and dirt should be removed from tails. DO NOT BRUSH OR COMB TAILS!!!!!
    4. Feet – Feet should be thoroughly picked and mud should be brushed from the outside of the hooves. 
    5. Other parts – Removal of dirt from areas people tend to miss – includes, but not limited to elbows, chest, girth, hocks, back of pasterns, and between hind legs.
    6. Tack placement – Correct placement of saddle on horse.  Correct placement of bridle - browband and noseband placed straight and correctly and adjustment of throatlatch, noseband and curb chain.
    7. Correct tack.  All horses should have correct tack as instructed on tack list in the grooming barn. Saddle pads should fit.  Boots should be placed correctly on the correct legs.
  2.  Awards – The rider in each category with the best average wins amazing prize!